Practice And Patient Charter
Our Practice's Responsibilites To You

  • You have the right to choose the GP practice, and to be accepted by this practice, unless there are reasonable ground for us to refuse (such as you do not live within the catchment in which case you will be informed of the reason.
  • You have a right to be treated with dignity and respect and we will treat all the patients in a fair and respectable manner.
  • We have a duty not to discriminate against patients or staff, and to adhere to equal opportunities and ethnic and human rights legislation.
  • You have the right to privacy and confidentiality and to expect the NHS to keep your confidential information safe and secure. You have the right to be treated eith a professional standard of care, by appropriately qualified and experienced staff, in a practice that meets required levels of safety and quality.
  • We have a responsibility to provide all patients with safe care and to do all we can to protect patients from avoidable harm.
  • You can access GP practice appointments (during surgery hours) via telephone, online services or face to face appointments with one of our receptionists.
  • You have access to out-of-hours and extended services which provide GP and practice nurse appointments which are available to our patients after 18:30pm on weekdays and weekends.
  • We will make available our practice leaflets and online information, informing you of our opening hours and the service (s) we provide.
  • We host and promote a Patient Participation Group (PPG), which all patients and carers in the area are welcome to to join, this supports patient and public participation in both the practice and local health systems as appropriate.
  • We have a complaints policy which will be followed and will be dealt with in a timely manner, this will not affect your care, or how you are treated by our practice team.

Your Responsibilities As A Patient

  • You must register with a GP practice, the main point of access for NHS primary care.
  • You must treat NHS staff and other patients with respect and recognise violence or the causing of nuisance or disturbance on NHS premises, this could result in prosecution and you could be de-registered from the practice.
  • You have a right not to unlawfully discriminate against the provision of NHS services, including on grounds of gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, or mental or civil partnership status and you must not discriminate staff.
  • You must give your GP practice accurate information about your health, condition and status.
  • You should take personal responsibility and make a significant contribution to your own and your dependant’s good health and well being.
  • National public health programmes such as cervical screening, immunisation and vaccinations are important for prevention and early diagnosis. Please take the opportunity to participate in these.
  • Please avoid calling during peak morning times for non-urgent matters, use online booking facilities where appropriate.
  • You must always attend appointments, or cancel appointments as soon as possible. Treatment of other patients may be delayed if the practice is unaware that you cannot attend and this wastes valuable time which could have been spent on another patient. The practice has policies to deal with non-attendees (who do not cancel appointments) and this could result in you being de-registered with the practice.
  • Please read our practice leaflet or visit the New Patients page on our website, where you can download, view and print a copy of our latest practice leaflet. This will assist with information on the primary care and services that we offer.
  • We welcome your participation. If you wish to find out more, ask a member of our practice team on how to join our PPG. Even if you are not a member, please as how you can share feedback with us ti help improve our services for all.
  • If you have any positive or negative feedback from yourself on from the behalf of a carer in relation to your experiences, treatments and services, you may contact the practice manager if you have a complaint, or you can it in writing following the practice complaints process or by contacting NHS England.

HelpUs To Help You
We endeavour to provide our client's;

  • To see a doctor for consultation for non-urgent problems
  • In cases of emergencies, see the doctor within 24 and 48 hours depending on the medical circumstances
  • See the practice nurse for specialist and routine checks
  • Be referred for further tests and, or treatment if it is appropriate
  • Have a health check on a yearly basis if you are over 65 (routine bloods/blood pressure checks etc)
  • Be offered a range of facilities expected of a good general practice including child surveillance, health promotion, asthma and diabetic clinics and other services

It is our aim to offer you a good service and you will be seen within a reasonable amount of time of the developing medical problem. However, for us to give you this service we ask your assistance by keeping to the following:

  • Always book an appointment for non-urgent problems from 8.00AM Monday to Friday to book your appointment and always arrive 10 minutes before your appointment
  • Remember to cancel appointments in good time if you are not attending or unable to attend, so they can be offered to other patients
  • Always attend the surgery whenever possible. Visits are only for those patients who are too ill or too frail to attend
  • Emergency appointments can be made when it is considered a medical emergency
  • Always treat the receptionists and staff members with courtesy and respect and they will do likewise
  • Keep us informed of your correct contact details in order for us to keep your records up-to-date, especially when moving home

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations JULY 2019
We understand how important it is to keep your personal information safe and secure and we take this very seriously. We have taken steps to make sure your personal information is looked after in the best possible way and we review this regularly. Please read our GDRP privacy policy statement or download our GDPR leaflet for more information.

Removing Patient's From The Practice List
Assaults and abusive language to any member of staff will result in the immediate removal of the patient. The police and CCG will be informed. Repeated rudeness from the patient’s will result in a written warning and failure to improve will result in the removal from the practice list. In all other instances where the doctor/patient relationship has broken down, the practice will write to the patient explaining the reason for the patient’s removal.

Data Sharing
All patients who are newly registered will be receiving the pack which contains information on changes to the way information is stored and managed, and your summary care record. The practice advises that you read this information carefully and allows an SCR for you to be created. If you decline to do so, you need to complete a Data Sharing Consent Form, returning them to the practice manager who will record this information on the computer.

You may have the right to demand that this record is not shared with anyone who is not involved in the provision of your direct healthcare.

If you wish to enquire further as to your rights in respect of not sharing information on this record then please contact our Data Protection Officer.

To find out more about the wider use of confidential personal information pleae visit

If you wish your data not to be shared you can op-out;

Please click here to download our Data Sharing Consent Form, please make sure that you tick the appropriate box before handing it to our receptionist

For concerns about your primary care contact PALS (PATIENTS AND LIASON SERVICE), or visit the website for more information.

Zero Tolerance
All We strongly support the NHS policy on zero tolerance. Anyone who attends the surgery and abuses the GP's, staff or other patients be it verbally, physically or in any threatening manner whatsoever, will risk removal from the practice list. In extreme cases we may summon the police to remove offenders from the practice premises.

Everyone working for the NHS has a legal duty to keep information about you confidential.

We understand how important it is to keep your personal information safe and secure and we take this very seriously. We have taken steps to make sure your personal information is looked after in the best possible way and we review this regularly.

Please read our GDPR Privacy Policy carefully, as it contains important information about how we use the personal and healthcare information we collect on your behalf.

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